Meet TRIO SSS Specialists

Staff members in the Office of Supportive Services are dedicated to student success.  They are knowledgeable of the obstacles that await students and are equipped with the necessary tools to assist them.  Each staff member plays a critical role in the operation of Supportive Services and the success of each student’s education. 

Ira J. Washington, Ph.D. – Analytics

Pa Nhia Vang – Administrative Assistant

Felicia McAllister – Academic Specialist

San Lamar – Academic Resource Coordinator

Matthew Stone – Professional Aide

Marisa Elzy – Professional Aide

As a TRIO student, it’s required that you have a minimum of 3 appointments each semester, most TRIO students voluntarily have more!  TRIO Specialists are here for more than just academic help; they are here to help you adjust to college life. They are also here to support you on an individual level, while incorporating cultural enrichment and professional development into your college transition.