Request For Tutor

STEP 1: Complete an online request on D2L for a tutor in your desired course

Go to THIS LINK, click on “TRIO Tutoring” and then click “Start Here”. More content will be displayed as you read through the preceding content. (If the link does not work, email to be added to the TRIO D2L class list)

MSU TRIO offers year-round tutoring in almost every subject. Many tutors are TRIO students themselves. The availability of tutors will cater to your class & work schedule and your participation will increase your chances of academic success. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Let TRIO help you keep your grades up early on in the semester so that when finals come around, the pressure isn’t as intense.

Please fill out the online “Request for Tutor” form above at your earliest convenience, then complete the Tutorial Assistance Contract and submit it to the Office of Supportive Services, Room 209, Bessey Hall.  If you have any questions about TRIO tutoring or about the forms, please contact San Lamar (, Academic Resource Coordinator. Also, feel free to stop in and speak with a specialist or a fellow TRIO student at 209 Bessey Hall.